Self Storage

No matter what is going on in our lives we can all use a little more space. Rocky Hill Storage offers easy to use, secure, personal, business and vehicle storage units and we always put customer service first. Whether you’re relocating, renovating or reorganizing, we can help you find the smartest solution!

RV and Boat Storage

We can accommodate RVs and Boats, and we offer a variety of interior and exterior as well as covered units for your larger RVs. We also offer keypad access, video surveillance and an on-site full-time manager.

Business Storage

We enjoy helping businesses expand. From pharmaceutical sales to construction to e-commerce, we can help you smartly grow your business without cluttering your office, car and home with supplies. It’s much more affordable than office space or a store front!

    Self Storage

    For all of the many reasons you may require self storage, we have a wide variety of storage units to meet your needs. Whether you’re in the process of moving, remodeling, or simply need some extra space, our mini storage units will accommodate as much or as little as necessary.

    Our mini storage units are easily accessible and soundly secured to provide you with the peace of mind you depend on for your self storage needs. Storing and protecting your belongings safely and securely is our highest priority. So whether you’re vacating the dorm room for the summer or entrusting everything you own to self storage for the big move, count on our trusted storage units to hold tightly to what you hold dear.